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Willow Stone arrives at an isolated island in Wisconsin, seeking answers about her young son's death. The newcomer soon discovers that the islanders have a strange obsession with the year 1994, and Willow learns the island's most important rule the hard way: always close your curtains at night.

Dead Eleven, by Jimmy Juliano, from Dutton Books. In stores now!

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“An ominously slow burn…Keep the lights on for this one.”—A People Magazine "Must Read for Summer!"

"[A] breathtaking debut thriller... Juliano draws memorable characters and places them in an indelible setting, using artful prose and judicious dashes of dark humor to leave a major impression. It’s a scary-good debut."

Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW)

“a creepy, fast-paced blast from the past…Juliano comes as a new voice in horror, perfect for fans of Stephen King, Grady Hendrix, and Paul Tremblay.” —Booklist

"brings on those 90’s feelings alongside tension filled with thrills and horror. Don’t be fooled by this VHS retro cover (love it). Within this book … 'there be monsters.'"

Barnes & Noble "The Best Books of 2023 (So Far)"

“Very creepy. Dreadfully creepy. Chillingly creepy. Horrifically creepy. You’ve been warned.”

R.L. Stine, New York Times bestselling author of Goosebumps and Fear Street

Dead Eleven brought me right back to the nineties with its VHS tapes, Pogs and Trapper Keepers, balancing nostalgia and terror to explore the dangers of living in the past. If you liked Netflix's Stranger Things and Dark, don't miss

Jimmy Juliano's gripping horror debut.”

Ana Reyes, New York Times bestselling author of The House in the Pines

“A captivating mystery – not unlike the story’s island – which draws you in and may never let you go. Jimmy Juliano proves how effortlessly he can create a deeply unsettling mood. Steeped in 90s nostalgia, this story instilled in me a claustrophobic dread. This small time-locked community seems equal parts idyllic and abhorrent which made me yearn to learn its secrets. Like a chilling lake breeze on a rocky beach, this book will send a shiver down your spine as it beckons you to follow it into the darkness.”
David Cummings, Creator of The NoSleep Podcast

Dead Eleven is a strikingly original treasure chest of horror, suspense and nostalgia. I’ve never read anything like it. Jimmy Juliano is a first-rate storyteller. I was spellbound from the opening page.”

Richard Chizmar, New York Times bestselling author of Chasing The Boogeyman

“Nothing this full of dread, paranoia, and grief should be half as much fun as Jimmy Juliano’s Dead Eleven. A compelling island horror tale that drags you inexorably into its mystery. Put this at the top of your wishlist.”

Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Road of Bones and All Hallows

“An unforgettable collage of mystery, suspense and mounting dread. With his debut novel, Jimmy Juliano cranks the amp on creepy chills up to 11.”

Steve Hockensmith, New York Times bestselling author of 

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

“I could tell you that Jimmy Juliano ripped a hole in my head and dumped in a gallon of nightmare juice, but that would be underselling all this book’s got to offer. Dead Eleven is a work of uncommon craft, mood, and above all, heart. If an author doesn’t make you care about their characters, a reader won’t care what becomes of them. And man, this book will make you care.”
Nick Cutter, nationally bestselling author of The Troop

“Places hold memories—and some places keep horrible secrets. Jimmy Juliano has woven together nostalgia, longing and atmospheric dread into a keep-you-up-all-night debut. Are you ready for the secrets of Clifford Island? Just be sure to close the curtains and whatever you do, don’t look out the windows.”

Jennifer McMahon, New York Times bestselling author of The Children on the Hill

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Jimmy Juliano Author Photo - Dutton.jpg

I've been writing and creating since I was a little kid (my childhood greatest hits include Ghostbusters fan-fiction and a pretty egregious rip-off of Casey at the Bat). Nowadays, I stick pretty firmly to the horror and mystery/thriller genres – I grew up loving Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and movies like Halloween, Psycho, and Jaws, and I've never really grown out of that phase. My writing has been featured on The NoSleep Podcast, the NoSleep Live Tour, and the NoSleep subreddit. You might've come across the stories Uncle Gerry's Family Fun Zone and Why I Didn't Shower for 21 Years. Yep, those are mine.

My debut novel, DEAD ELEVEN, is out now from Dutton Books and Penguin Random House. The book is – you guessed it – a horror/mystery novel, and it was a blast to write. I really hope you enjoy it.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. I live near Chicago with my wife, daughter, and miniature Goldendoodle.

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